Upgrading your grandma’s engagement ring

Upgrading your grandma’s engagement ring

Maybe you want to re purpose your grandma's engagement ring because you have a strong sense of family heritage. Perhaps, you’re trying to save a few dollars. Some people are so eco-conscious that they prefer to reuse rather than buy something new. There are a lot of reasons to reuse a family heirloom and several ways to do it. If you have a pretty ring in your family, this may be a route to consider. Keep on reading for some of our upgrading tips and to see some of our vintage options that your prospective bride to be might love!

Cheri - Vintage Inspired Oval Engagement Ring (S1409)

History Cuts Both Ways

If you’re planning to surprise a woman with a marriage proposal and a family heirloom ring, you should know your audience. Is family history important to your lady? Does she feel a strong connection to your family? Would you get the ring from her family? These are questions you should have the answers too before approaching a proposal with a family heirloom ring. Some women might love it, but others may want to create a new history with you, rather than wear someone else’s stones.

Make sure the ring comes from a happy marriage. People can be superstitious about jewelry and wearing a ring that came from a broken marriage might not be the best way to start your future. This of course doesn't mean you'll have an unhappy future because of the ring, but it doesn't hurt.

Up cycling

So, assuming that your prospective fiancée is a good candidate for an heirloom jewel, what next? If the ring is beautiful and your girl loves vintage style jewelry, you might only need to have the ring cleaned and polished. Then again, the condition of the ring, or her fashion preferences, might call for a redesign.

“Up-cycling” means reusing what you have in a new way, rather than buying something entirely new. A good jeweler can take apart your old jewelry and make it look a little or a lot different. If you go this route, it’s essential to find a talented jeweler that understands your partner’s style. So, shop around, and be prepared to work closely with the jeweler to create a ring that looks just right.

If you need to get a little inspiration, take a look at our Sylvie Collection vintage inspired engagement rings. These feature a mix of modern and vintage designs while still keeping elements that will make the ring stand out. You want just as much sparkle in a vintage ring as in a modern one.

Roial - Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring (S1392)


Lots of guys want to surprise the woman they love with the perfect ring. But, when you’re going through this much work, it might be time to collaborate with her rather than risk getting the update wrong. This isn’t a ring that you’ll be able to take back and exchange for another one.  Consider proposing with the old ring, stating that you want to use it to create something new together.

If you are dead set on surprising her with the redesign, collect as much data as possible on her style. Your jeweler will want to see pictures of her favorite jewelry and clothes, understand her size and coloring, and maybe even check out her Pinterest board.

Designing with Older Diamonds

Older diamonds look considerably different than new ones. Vintage diamonds have a more subtle sparkle than modern cuts. This means that you probably don’t want to combine them with new diamonds that will out-sparkle and diminish your heirloom jewels.

Your old diamonds might also be slightly discolored or chipped. Rose gold or yellow gold might be more flattering than white gold for off-color diamonds. Some setting styles can hide chips. Your old diamonds will look more at home in pieces that incorporate vintage details, such as filigree and hand engraving.

Family gemstones are precious in a whole different way than new stones. If you and your intended value connection to family, updating your family heirloom's ring may be the perfect way to go.

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